When you capture images the camera uses trio like shutter speed, aperture and ISO to have a balanced view. Drones have fixed aperture and then only variables to correct image exposure are shutter speed and ISO. During bright light and bright sunny days if you do photography the camera will increase shutter speed for correct image exposure and that can cause unstable photos. And that is the main reason behind using a ND filter. ND or neutral density filter bring down the colors intensity which reaching to sensor of your camera and then you can work on lowering shutter speed.

Now may the question will arise in your mind is why I need to lower the Shutter Speed ?

Shutter speed is the measuring unit to find out how much time shutter is open when you capture the image. It is given in seconds or fraction of seconds like 1/2s, 1/4s,…,1/250s etc. If the shutter speed is fast then the image sensors which exposed to light is shorter and if the shutter speed is slow then image sensor will work longer in image exposure to light. Shutter speed double the frame rates like in 30 fps the shutter speed will be 60 and in 60fps the shutter speed will be 120. It controls the visual aspect of motion blur.

The second question arise is which ND filter to use when photography ?

There are many types of ND filters like ND4, ND8, ND16, ND32 and ND64. Each are used in different conditions. You should know the frame rate to select the filter you need .As in cinema’s it requires 24 frame per second it is the common frame rate there which shutter speed is 1/50th so like these you should know the required frame rate for you. Now you can choose your desired ND filter.

Here is the list

  • Polarizer filter with 1.6f-stops can be used in every weather conditions to reduce brightness if it not needed to control shutter speed.
  • ND4 filter with 2f-stops can be used in morning when it captures at 1/250 fps.
  • ND8 filter with 3f-stops is used if the weather conditions are cloudy and here it is capturing in 1/500 fps.
  • ND16 filter with 4f-stops is used during partly- cloudy days where it captures in 1/1000th fps.
  • ND32 filter with 5f-stops is used during bright sunny days where it captures in 1/1250th fps.
  • ND64 filter with 6f-stops is used during during intense bright sunny days.
  • ND8/PL filter with 3f-stops is used when polarization is needed when you take shots in cloudy days.
  • ND16/PL filter with 4f-stops is used when polarization is needed when you capture images on sunny days .
  • ND32/PL filter with 5f-stops is used when polarization is needed when you capture images on extremely bright weather conditions or bright sunny days .

Mavic ND filter


Phantom 4 Pro/Pro+/Advance


Inspire X3/Osmo/Osmo+


Inspire 2 X4S


Inspire X5 series


GoPro Hero5


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