Although drones might seem fun to fly the activity has much somber implications in other parts of the world. Drone flying is becoming increasingly popular in numerous countries all over the world. Major countries are allowing commercial drone use and have specific laws and restrictions that regulate drone flying in the country.

Countries where you cannot fly your drone


UAE recently revised its drone flying laws and has made it illegal to fly drones with cameras. Other drone users are required to register with the country’s General Civil Aviation Authority.


There are strict rules regulating drone use in Japan and it is illegal to fly drones in public spaces, including parks.

Major countries and their drone laws

Let us take a look at some major countries and their laws regarding using of commercial drones by photographers and drone flying enthusiasts alike.

USA Drone Laws

Drones are officially identified as tools, rather than toys, by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) of the US. The New Small UAS Rule (Part 107) of the new regulations expresses the novelty effort by the FAA to regulate the use of commercial air space by drone users. This rule is applicable to all drones that weigh less than 55 lbs, and regulate their pilots and stipulate major operating regulations. The rules cover such drones being used for non-hobby purposes. Drones between 0.55 lbs and 55 lbs are to be registered with the FAA. These rules are designed for safety of other aircrafts and people on the ground.

UK Drone Laws

There are numerous types of laws that govern the use of commercial drones in the UK. The CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) articles 166 and 167 of the regulations cover all drone aircrafts that weight less than 20 kg. The regulations aims to impart basic safety measures that can help protect a person or property from damage and harm by the drone.

The laws define drone flying to have a max altitude of 400 to 500 meters. The drone cannot be flown with a camera within 150 m in very congested areas while a distance of at least 50 m distance should be maintained when flying camera-laden drones near a person, vehicle, vessel or buildings.

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