Drones are becoming increasingly popular all over the world. Although this is becoming one of the most popular hobbies in various countries all over the world, there is also a certain aspect regarding breach of privacy and security at times. Certain people are excessively protective of their privacy and property and hence seek numerous ways to prevent intrusions into these areas by drones.

Drone Detection Systems

A Drone Detection System (DDS) ideally should be able to detect drones in air, on the ground level and on the water surface as well. Advanced DDS are able to detect and notify the owner of any suspect drone activity.

Ideal range of Drone Detection System – Ideally, a DDS provides all-round (360˚) detection with a radius covering a diameter of 2 km. It can provide early warning with ample time to take effectively preventive or offensive action.

The advanced technology allows the DDS to detect threats that are out of the line-of-sight. The system can efficiently detect drone activity even behind obstacles, such as foliage, trees, buildings and other structures. The system can detect the drone immediately as the drone is switched on for flight.

Types of Drone Detection Systems

These are the 2 common types of Drone Detection Systems available today:

1. Stationary Drone Detection Systems

These are ideally designed to offer protection to a property or an industrial/commercial facility. These are larger in size and are installed in a fixed location (mainly rooftops) to give comprehensive drone detection warning.

Stationary DDS normally cover an area with a radius of 1 km.

2. Portable Units

These are easy to carry and can be used in multiple locations as required. These can effectively detect UAV activity up to 500 meters all around. The briefcase size makes it an efficient and easily transportable unit.

Every DDS is designed from the ground up at every facility. There are no moving parts in the system and this makes them virtually maintenance-free. The outer coverings are constructed from high-quality certified material that can withstand varied weather conditions.

Drone Detection System alarm

An ideal DDS will send and alert to the user by email, SMS or voice messaging in many countries. Advanced DDS units are compatible for 3G and Satellite connectivity for locations with no Wi-Fi/Broadband internet connectivity.

These are the common points to know about Drone Detection Systems (DDS), for drone fliers and aware citizens alike. It is important to ensure that your drone flying experience is smooth and without hassles. Hence, learn more about your country’s drone flying laws and adhere to the regulations at all times.

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