DJI Mavic is one of the flagship models of drones from the world-renowned drone manufacturers, DJI. DJI has been providing innovative and advanced features in all its different drones however the DJI Mavic continues to be one of the largest-selling drones in the world.

As it is one of the top choices for professional photographers and often first-time drone flyers, the Mavic needs to be easily portable and efficient to carry. The design of the Mavic is significantly streamlined to make it efficient to be stored. However, it is still a piece of complex electronic machinery and needs additional protection, especially when being transported from one location to another.

Top accessory makers provide innovative and reliable storage cases that are designed to offer optimum protection to your expensive and important DJI Mavic drone and some of its essential accessories too.

Top 3 DJI Mavic storage cases

Nanuk 920 Case for DJI Mavic PRO

The Nanuk 920 Case is designed to store DJI Mavic efficiently. It is sturdy and has effective IP67-rated water-tight features to protect the electronic components of the drone and its accessories in wet weather or terrain.

Nanuk 920 Case can easily store the Mavic drone, radio controller, charging hub with 4 batteries and even your smartphone device.

DJI Mavic PRO Waterproof Backpack

This is an accessory from the drone makers themselves. The Waterproof Backpack is designed to carry your DJI Mavic drone and its accessories from one location to another easily within a backpack. The outer shell of this backpack storage is made of carbon fiber-grained material for better protection. Its lightweight (2.2 pounds) allows you to carry the Mavic drone, remote controller, battery charger and 3 Mavic Pro spare batteries efficiently.

Go Professional Case for DJI Mavic PRO

This case is one of the most innovatively designed drone and accessory storage cases. The material used in its construction is strong SKB-military grade which covers the inner soft foam lining. The padlock holes have stainless steel protector clips with an easy trigger-release latch system.

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