DJI has recently announced that it ready to launch an advanced firmware update for its DJI Spark mini drone. This firmware update is designed to offers significantly better flight performance and enhanced flight safety features.

Advantage of the new firmware update for DJI Spark

There are numerous advantages that you will get once you update your DJI Spark firmware with the latest standard.

  • Improved flight performance – From improving flight performance and flight safety, the latest update is also said to help in managing the battery’s power supply more efficiently to ensure that the flight system gets optimum power.
  • DJI Goggle integration – This latest firmware update will also give additional support for complete integration of the DJI Spark with the DJI Goggles.
  • Better launch – The firmware update will provide better PalmLaunch function and additional stability from takeoff.
  • Higher accuracy – The new firmware update will improve the control accuracy to even more effective levels. This will help in better control in the QuickShot Drone mode.
  • Improved compatibility – This firmware update will enhance the compatibility of the remote controllers when they are being synchronized with the new firmware update.

How to get my DJI Spark updated with the latest firmware?

You can download the latest firmware using an internet connection for updating the existing battery and aircraft firmware, when the DJI GO 4 App prompts you.

Apart from this, the DJI Assistant 2 can also be used to update the battery and aircraft update with efficient and high-speed internet connectivity on a desktop.

Why the rush to update DJI Spark aircraft and battery firmware?

DJI has also announced that users have only until September 1st to download and run the latest update on their DJI Spark battery and aircraft. Failure to do this before 1 September, 2017, will result in your DJI Spark not being able to take off later on.

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