DJI, the Chinese drone makers, has found immense popularity with its Mavic series drones, especially the DJI Mavic Pro drone. It has proven to be one of the top choices for professional filmmakers and amateur drone fliers alike.

Here are the top DJI Mavic accessories you need to have for the best drone photography and filmmaking experience:

For the DRONE

1. 7728 Quick-Release Folding Propeller for DJI Mavic

These are push-type designed for easy mounting and stronger hold in position. These advanced designed propellers can be easily used with a standard Propeller Guard/Propeller Cage for DJI Mavic.

However it is advised to use these propellers without the outer protection as it helps to achieve optimum thrust and maximum flight time.

2. Gimbal Cover

The Gimbal Cover for DJI Mavic is an essential accessory for protecting the drone from damage. The Gimbal Cover helps to protect the gimbal and camera from damage in event of a drone crash. Apart from this, it also helps to protect against dust and water during flight or while transporting the drone.

This is an essential tool to prevent damage to the expensive drone and camera in case of a mishap.

3. Propeller Cage/Propeller Guard

These are designed to provide protection to the vital propellers of the drone. These help to protect the propellers (and ultimately the drone) from damage when flying through rough and difficult-to-navigate terrain.

The excessively lightweight construction and advanced design helps to provide comprehensive protection to the propeller blades.


4. Remote Controller Monitor Hood

This helps to shield the viewing monitor against unwanted glare, especially when flying in bright daylight conditions outdoor. This hood covers the monitor effectively and provides an exclusive and crystal-clear view from the drone’s POV.

5. DJI Goggles

The DJI Goggles are designed by the company to be compatible with almost all of its drone series, including the DJI Mavic drones. The DJI Goggles provide you with the best bird’s eye view from your drone’s camera. The uninterrupted and powerful feed from the drone camera allows the dual screens mounted in the goggles to give you the best PV from the drone camera.


6. DJI Mavic Filter Professional 6-Pack

This is an essential accessory pack for professional photographers who use the DJI Mavic Pro for their filmmaking.

The CP (Circular Polarized) and PL (Polarized Lens) filters come handy to prevent unwanted glare and enhance color quality and saturation.

The ND (Neutral Density) filters are useful for reducing the shutter speed in gradual modes by controlling the amount of light entering the lens. This helps to capture smooth and natural-looking footage and pictures.


7. DJI Mavic Battery Charging Hub

This is an essential accessory for ensuring that you never run out battery when you need it most. This is a portable and efficient battery charging hub which can easily charge up to 4 of the advanced intelligent-flight batteries used with the DJI Mavic Pro drones.

8. Addition Intelligent-Flight Battery

Experienced drone users realize that carrying an additional battery is always a smart choice. It helps to avoid locating another battery while you miss the perfect photography conditions at your location.

This additional intelligent-flight battery for DJI Mavic Pro has a built-in battery management system that monitors your battery’s vital signs, such as remaining power, rate of power being used, battery and outdoor temperature, etc and provides an accurate remaining flight time. It gives an impressive 27 minutes of maximum flight time in ideal conditions.

9. DJI Mavic Pro Battery-to-Power Bank Adaptor

This is an ideal accessory to ensure that not only your drone, but your other electronic devices are also charged with complete power and ready for the perfect aerial photography session.

This adapter is designed to transfer power from the intelligent-flight battery to your smartphone or tablet monitor. This is an essential and ideal comprehensive power source for isolated and outdoors drone flying.

10. DJI Mavic Pro Shoulder Bag for Accessories

This is the perfect choice for DJI Mavic drone users to securely store and carry their essential DJI Mavic drone and accessories.

This shoulder bag is made for conveniently and safely transporting your DJI Mavic Pro drone along with its essential accessories, such as 4 intelligent-flight batteries, remote controller, smartphone and other such accessories, into a single storage bag.

These are the essential and top DJI Mavic accessories that you need to have. If you are a professional filmmaker who often uses the DJI Mavic Pro drone, then these are the best accessories that you can get and ensure the perfect drone filmmaking experience.

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