DJI Mavic is undoubtedly one of the most popular drone cameras available today. It provides excellent quality pictures and cinematic HD quality footage for the best drone photography experience. From a full automatic mode that allows you to do numerous things with the camera to the manual mode which allows you to change the setting with each shot. The best way to check the efficiency of any camera is to use it on full manual mode.

An effective way to ensure that you get cinema-quality footage it is important that the camera movements are effectively smooth. The DJI camera is mounted on a 3-axis mechanical gimbal which is best for smooth control over the camera. First-timers and amateur photographers often experience jerky or jumpy videos when using the DJI Mavic for the first time.

Our experts have a couple of simple tips to ensure that you get the best drone photography experience with a smooth operating camera providing high-quality footage. To see the huge change first take a video with the camera in default (or your usual) settings. Then follow these tips before taking another flight with your DJI Mavic:

Open the DJI GO app, enter the device settings and click on the triple dots located in the top right corner of the screen. This opens the settings menu, once you reach this stage, follow these steps:

  • Controller – In MC settings, click on the drone symbol and select ‘Advanced Settings’ at the bottom of the menu list. Choose ‘Gain & Expo’ in this page. Click on the EXP tab, which allows you to set the movement range of the joystick. Choose the EXP level to 0.20 for cinematic movement of the drone camera.
  • Gimbal – Click on gimbal icon in settings and enter ‘Advanced Settings’ option. Choose the Gimbal Start/Stop Buffer option from the Gimbal Pitch settings. This helps to set the smooth stopping of the gimbal from motion.

In the end, a way to get cinematic videos from DJI Mavic is to ensure that the camera movements are smooth and refined to get high-quality footage.

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