The world leading Chinese drone maker, DJI, introduced the DJI Spark. One of the smallest, fastest, lightest and the best drones from DJI, it is also an advanced piece of craftsmanship.

DJI Spark at a glance:

The all new mini drone, DJI Spark, from DJI is:

  • Compact – Smaller than a soda can and weighing less than 300 g.
  • Hi-Tech – Provides high-quality footage of 1080p at 30fps.
  • Advanced – Hand gesture controls as well as ‘Follow Me’ mode with effective obstacle avoidance system.
  • Fast – Flies ideally at a top speed of 31 miles/hr (50 km/hr).
  • Durable – It has an ideal flight time totaling more than 15 minutes.

Looking closer at the latest DJI Spark

Fly with only hands

The DJI Spark mini drone relieves you of using conventional remote controls for flying, taking pics and landing the drone. Simply use the ultra-modern ‘Hand Gesture’ feature which allows you to let the drone take off from your hand and move in the direction you wave. To call back the drone, simply wave both your hands simultaneously and it will make a smooth retreat to you.

The Selfie specialist

Clicking selfie becomes easiest because all you have to do is to make a square with your hands using the thumbs and forefingers. The DJI Spark has four advanced modes that allow you to take awesome videos or photos of yourself, such as in:

  • Rocket – Drone flies straight up with the camera pointed down on the subject.
  • Dronie – The drone flies upwards and away from the subject.
  • Circle – The drone keeps rotating around the subject at a set distance.
  • Helix – The drone flies in a spiraling motion, away from the subject.

Follow Me Sparky

The ‘Follow Me’ mode ensures that the Spark will not lose focus on you when you move along a direct technical path or on mountainous terrain.

Hi-tech flying

The DJI Spark has one of the most advanced ‘flight Autonomy’ systems. It includes the main camera, a forward-facing 3D sensing for accurate obstacle avoidance, dual-band GPS for perfect navigation and 24 resilient computer cores that give it immense stability even in windy conditions. The DJI Spark has an obstacle sensing range of 5 m (16 ft).

The mini super drone can also be programmed to record or click photos while following a pre-set path.

The DJI Spark is proving to be one of the best drones to have been designed and developed by the company.

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