Photography is not about simply pointing the camera and clicking the button. It is an art-form which requires extensive training, experience and a flair for creativity. To edit an image or a video extensively and add the desired effects normally people think of having to buy expensive image editing software. However, with the use of proper lens filters, now you can add considerable quality and artfulness to your photographs and footage easily.

ND filters are some of the most essential and easy-to-use lens filters if you wish to add excellent effects to your images and footage without the need of editing software.

What are ND filter?

ND (Neutral Density) filters are mainly used to equally distribute and reduce the strength of exterior light which passes through the lens on to the sensor. This helps to prevent over exposure of the photo which spoils the image.

What do ND filters do?

Crystal clarity

These lenses are helpful in getting shallower depth of field or add a natural blur motion to the footage of moving objects by using larger apertures. The large varieties of ND filters are made for use in almost all types of weathers and lighting conditions.

Enhanced motion capture

An ND filter can help to enhance the motion in the footage and make an image appear highly sharp and crystal-clear by providing a shallow depth of field.

Additional effects

Other types of ND filters may have the upper portion in a distinct grey, orange or blue tinge, with a perfectly neutral density in the lower (clear) portion. These help to add mesmerizing effects in the image and landscape.


There are several leading brand that are reliable and popular suppliers of advanced ND filters that are used with the popular brands of conventional and action cameras worldwide.

Mavic ND filter


Phantom 4 Pro/Pro+/Advance


Inspire X3/Osmo/Osmo+


Inspire 2 X4S


Inspire X5 series


GoPro Hero5


DJI Phantom 4/Phantom 3 Pro/Adv/4K


Phantom 3 Standard


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