What are they? When to use them? How to use them? And how are they different from other filters?

Drone flying is one of the latest and an ultramodern form of recreation for most. However a significant margin of drone fliers are professional photographers who understand the benefits that drone photos bring while taking landscape shots or for aerial photography and filming.

The lighting and weather conditions outdoor can make it difficult to get the perfect aerial shot. Filters are Costing around $30 to $200.

Hence, it is important for professional photographers and amateur drone enthusiasts to have the basic drone camera filters that help to enhance the function of the camera effectively and provide remarkably improved results.

Let us look at two basic but important drone camera lens filters that are essential for any drone flying and photographing experience:

Is their difference between CPL & PL filter..?

As such there is no big difference between the 2 filters they do the same function PL filters are used more in traditional camera & CPL filter in advance camera.

What do CP/PL filters do?

CP (Circular Polarized) /PL filters, also known as polarizing filters, are used to control the glare from naturally reflective surfaces found outdoors, such as water, windows and snow, and even the sky.

When to use CP filters?

CP/PL lens filters are ideally used when the natural lighting conditions have an intensely bright sky or background.

How to get the sweet spot on your CP/PL filter.?

As shown in video by one of the manufacture the right way to get your sweet spot is by rotating the front ring of the filter , However a sweet spot keeps changing from one position to another but the least any CPL/PL filter can do for you is provide 1.6 f-stops which also improve your photography.

Mavic CPL filter


Phantom 4 Pro/Pro+/Advance CPL Filter


Phantom 4 CPL Filter


Phantom 3 Standard CPL Filter


Zenmuse X5 ND/PL Filter


Zenmuse X3/Osmo/Osmo+


Autel Robotic


Hero5 Black


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