Let discuss about the Autel X-star is this the best drone for beginners?

The box of Autel X-star is made out of hard plastic and it is having extra slots where you can put more batteries. It comes with propellers with one battery and a 4k camera.

A camera of Autel X-star can be detached from the frame which is something most drones lack. It is useful during crashing of drone and breaking of a camera.

You will have plenty of storage for your 4k video recording as it will come with 64gigabyte micro SD card slot.
The controller does not need a mobile to fly this drone. It is having a display where you can find information and it is having few buttons.

Here is the information about each buttons.

  • The first button label as HOLD TO START MOTORS and it will help you to start motor before you start to fly your drone.
  • The second button label as HOLD TO TAKE OFF/LAND which helps to land your drone.
  • The third button label as HOLD TO POWER ON/OFF which helps to start or off the controller.
  • The fourth button label as HOLD TO START GO HOME which helps your drone return to start position if you lose your connection or drone is out of sight from you.
  • The fifth button label as PRESS TO PAUSE AIRCRAFT which helps to pause the drone.
  • There are other buttons also like for controlling the camera, video record etc.

It is quite easy to fly the Autel X-star all you need is to push the extreme right button on drone and it’ll give you beep sound and shows the bar which shows the batteries full or not and then start the controller by power on. It will give you information on a mobile display. When you push the start button on display it will give you information about SD card storage, how much battery is left etc.
Now you can start to fly your drone. Press the first button on the controller to start the motor by which your drone rotors start spinning and then press the second button of taking off to fly your drone and your drone then rise up. Like regular drone in this also you will have a left and right thumb stick to go up and down and left and right. You can know the stats from your display about your drone range or how far it is away from you or how much time is left for you. The interesting feature is that the most information on the app you will have on the controller also. And it can take nice pictures and videos with great quality.

So the answer might you get that it is the best drone for beginners as it more convenient and easy.

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