DJI, the Chinese drone makers often introduce updates for their drones, in order to correct errors or to enhance the drone’s overall performance. Although these would be an optional thing, the recent announcement by the company that all DJI Spark drones will have to be updated with the latest firmware before September has created a buzz amongst drone users.

But there is no need to panic at all. Updating your DJI Spark firmware is easy with the DJI GO 4 App. This app is available for iOS and Android OS as well and is essential for keeping your drone in its top form.

Another way to update your DJI Spark firmware is with the DJI Assistant 2 software.

Why to update my DJI Spark with the latest firmware?

The new firmware update for DJI Spark, the mini drone, is designed to optimize the flight performance by enhancing the battery and flight control functions.

Updating DJI Spark firmware using DJI GO 4 App

So simply open your DJI GO 4 app (if you don’t have it already we suggest you download it) and start the easy process of updating your DJI Spark firmware.

IMPORTANTEnsure that the Spark drone battery is over 50% charged and the Spark remote controller battery should be at least 30% charged before starting the update process.
Ensure that you update every individual battery in case of additional batteries.
Ensure you have a strong internet connection (Preferably WiFi before starting the procedure.

Downloading the firmware update

1. Connect the mobile smartphone to the remote controller and the remote controller to the drone.

2. Tap on ‘Download Firmware’ when the pop-up prompts you about a new update available. This will start the downloading process of the firmware upgrade.

Installing update

Here is how you install the update once the download is over.

1. Power on the aircraft and remote controller, ensure these are connected properly.

2. Tap on ‘Update Now’ button on the screen.

3. Do not switch off either of the devices while the update process is going on.

4. In case the remote controller gets disconnected from the App, simply follow the instructions on screen to re-establish connection.

5. As the update gets completed, you will get a prompt and remote controller will begin to beep.

6. Reset remote controller to complete the update installation.

How long will the update process take?

The complete update process time for:

Remote – 5 minutes

Drone – 10 minutes

Remote + Drone = 15 minutes in all

As the firmware gets updated completely

Tap on ‘Complete’.

When you return to camera view, a prompt will show ‘Latest Firmware Version’, which confirm that the update process was completely successful.

Updating DJI Spark firmware using DJI Assistant 2

Here are the simple steps to let you update DJI Spark firmware using the DJI Assistant 2 software:

1. Link the drone to the PC/Mac with a USB cable. Ensure the computer is connected with the internet.

2. Launch DJI Assistant 2

3. Enter your DJI Account Information and choose ‘Spark’ from the menu

4. Click on ‘Firmware Update’ on the left of the screen and select the latest version for the firmware

5. Click on ‘Update Now’ to begin the upgrading process

These are the two simple ways you can update your DJI Spark firmware before September and continue to enjoy flying your drone in a better and more efficient way.

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