Drone photographs come be fun and artistic too. It all depends on some small but important factors. Our drone experts got together to compile a few simple points that can help to ensure you get the most awesome and artistic photos from your DJI Mavic Pro drone.

Follow these simple tips and get some of the best aerial photographs you have ever shot:

1. Time and location

Our experts suggest that one of the most convenient ways to find great locations is through Google Earth. You can do a quick search of the area around you and get a proper preview of the type of location you want.

Synchronized and symmetrical landscapes, with interesting and intricate architecture designs and attractive natural land formations make for ideal locations for high-quality drone photography.

Once you select the location, choose the best time to shoot. Our experts prefer shooting at sunset and sunrise for mesmerizing landscape photographs. The golden light at these times tends to give perfect dimensions to your subject. The long shadows have an appealing effect on the photos at these times.

2. Settings

In the main Controller Setting menu, set the:

  • Max altitude – Always comply with local country drone flying regulations.

For perfect camera settings, set the:

  • Shooting mode – Manual
  • Raw – ON
  • ISO – 100
  • Shutter – Adjust till properly exposed (Auto exposure bracketing)
  • Photo settings – Image size = 4:3
  • White balance – Auto
  • Grade overlay – ON
  • Center point – ON
  • Auto-Exposure Stacking – ON (Choose 3-5 shot bursts)

3. Type of photographing angles

Shooting in bird’s eye view is one of the best angles to get amazing shots. Looking straight down from the sky gives intense detail and shadows to the subject, making them highly defined.

Also, try to capture contrasting colors and textures, such as the city bordered with nature, dark subjects against light ones, busy streets and empty parks, layered and smooth or rough textures within one shot.

You can also tilt the camera’s angle to capture the best perspective and symmetry in the shot.

Switching from Landscape mode to Portrait mode mid-flight helps you to capture awesome photos that can be seen the best on photo-sharing apps, such as Instagram. It also works effectively for taking panoramic photos.


If you are efficient in flying the DJI Mavic and can’t wait to get truly cinematic shots, use the Tripod mode. In this, the drone’s speed is slowed to a maximum of 2.2 m/hr and help to get extremely precise and stable shots.

4. Editing

We used the Adobe Lightroom to edit the photos, for best effects.

Stack your photos from the Import menu for better organized editing. The photos will be stacked in piles of stacks, containing a specified number of shots (shown on top left corner of each stack in the timeline).

Merge all shots together to get the best exposed photographs, this is done using the Photo Merge – HDR.

Use graduated filters to lift darker areas and tone down the highlights of the brighter areas.

Using these simple tips can help you take truly high quality and cinematic aerial shots, using your DJI Mavic Pro drone.

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