Flying a drone becomes easy and efficient if you come prepared. Today’s drones are effectively designed to be easiest to set up, fly and land, and at the same time capture immensely beautiful pictures and footage for you.

There are certain points that need to be checked and addressed before flying a drone. It makes the drone flying and photography experience intensely memorable. Although these might seem like an unnecessary exercise to some, professional photographers, drone racers and amateur drone fliers can take advantage of it. Our experts have compiled a simple pre-flight checklist which allows you to ensure a smooth and easy drone flying experience.

What to check before flying your drone?

Take a look at how to get ready to fly your drone:

1. Check batteries

Check if the battery of the drone, drone camera, remote controller and your viewing device (mobile smartphone, tablet phones, FPV goggles, etc) is fully charged. Also check to see if you are carrying sufficient backup (portable chargers and additional batteries) with you.

2. Check equipment

Check you drone’s exterior for damage. Check the smoothness and control of the propellers, apart from inspecting them physically. The drone’s camera and gimbal system also need to be properly calibrated.

3. Check weather conditions

Check the current weather as well as the weather forecast for the rest of the day. Always be prepared to face unexpected change in weather when flying outdoors. Set the camera exposure and settings to suit the current natural lighting conditions.

4. Check storage capacity

Always check to ensure that the micro SD card you are using is properly formatted and empty of previous data.

5. Check surroundings

Once you reach the launch location ensure that it is not a ‘No-Fly Zone’. Also inspect the surroundings for potential obstructions that can hamper smooth drone flying, such as power poles and power lines, along with trees and shrubbery. Also check to ensure that your drone does not pose danger of harm to surrounding, such as children playing or animals.

Following these 5 simple steps not only saves you from complications and problems while flying the drone it also ensures that your drone flying experience is the best.

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