Flying a drone above water could be an irritating and annoying experience for many drone owners but if you did it correctly it will help you to take excellent and awesome shots. Here we share the tips on how you can fly your drone above water.

1. Disable VPS System

Start your drone and take a look at the DJI GO app. Tap at the copter symbol on the upper left-hand side to bring up the main controller settings menu. Now tap at advanced settings and then disable the vision positioning system otherwise your copter can easily get disoriented when flying low to the moving surface.

2. Fly Away From Obstacles

Secondly, stay away from obstacles like boat transceivers, lighthouses, antennas and container ships etc. which could interfere with your drone signal or compass.

3. Check the height of waves

You have to look out for obstacles and check the height of the waves when flying low to the ground to avoid crashing into oceanic waves.

4. Don’t fly where birds are flying

Don’t fly your drone if birds are flying in part of the ocean where you want to fly your drone. For example, Birds like seagulls likely follow or attack your drone.

5. Use the course lock function

Use the course lock function when you want to fly your drone to long distance so your drone never gets disoriented.

6. Return your drone during heavy winds

If there are heavy winds flowing in the area where you fly your drone then never underestimate it. It is good to return your drone and stop flying as in these cases the battery drains faster and it may cause your drone to be drop in the ocean and you may never be able to get that.

7. Use stickers

Use stickers to provide information like phone, email and address etc. As in case of wet landing there are chances you may lose or broken parts of your drone and you may miss some parts of your drone may missing . Then if it be find by any trusted person then there are chances you get it back as he or she will use stickers to find you.

And importantly never lose your control and hold on the gear then you can fly your drone safely above water.

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