Tired of running out of battery on your smartphone just when you want to make an urgent call? Frustrated with having to wait for hours for your smartphone battery to get charged? Samsung’s new graphene-based battery is set to get rid of this problem soon.

Information about Samsung’s Graphene Battery

According to a source named @MMDDJ_ on Twitter, which regularly monitors Samsung, the globally leading Korean mobile phone makers are set to revolutionize mobile phone battery technology with the innovative graphene battery which will drastically decrease the time needed to charge your smartphones now. The source implied that the use of graphene batteries in the new Samsung S10 is set to reduce charging time remarkably.
Another source, named Ice Universe, also tweeted something similar implying about faster charging time for Samsung’s upcoming premium smartphones. Back in November 2017, Samsung had also admitted to its battery using graphene and said that the battery could not only charge faster, but it can also withstand temperatures as high as 60˚ C, which is standard for EV batteries.

Samsung’s New Graphene Battery

A report on the blog ‘SammyHub’ back in 2017 adds to the information given out by Samsung with implying that Samsung is set to create a unique 3D-popcorn structure using silica with graphene to reduce charging time and prevent the battery from getting overheated simultaneously. Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) has also applied for a patent for its revolutionary smartphone battery design in Korea and the US.
When SAIT began experimenting with the idea of using a graphene ball coating with the regular Li-Ion cells in November 2017, it aimed to decrease the batteries charging time by as much as five times but also aimed. An excellent result of this technique resulted in making the battery storage increase by over 45% as well.

Highlights of Samsung Graphene Mobile Battery

These are the main highlighting points that we do know about the new graphene battery from Samsung:
Decreased Charging Time – The graphene-integrated lithium-ion battery is set to charge within just 12 minutes, as opposed to over 60 minutes it takes for conventional Li-ion smartphone batteries to get fully charged.
Increased Power Storage – Samsung’s graphene-based Li-ion battery can store an additional 45% more power than today’s conventional mobile phone batteries.
Increased Battery Life – The innovative graphene-infused Li-ion battery from Samsung can successfully hold over 78% of its original power capacity even after undergoing 500 full-charge cycles.

What to expect in Samsung’s next smartphone?

There are conflicting reports from numerous sources, some claiming that the Korean smartphone makers are set to introduce the innovative graphene battery in its next model, the Samsung Galaxy S10 or even in the upcoming Samsung Note 10 smartphone. However, there has been no affirmative response from the company regarding this till date.
On the other hand, as the company seems ready with its revolutionizing graphene battery, experts are of the opinion that the company will not prolong introducing it with its next flagship smartphone model.
All in all, as the production begins of these innovative graphene-based Lithium-Ion batteries for smartphones, we can expect to see the various brands introducing similar mobile phone batteries shortly. Hence, it only makes sense to expect Samsung to be the first to launch this historic invention in battery technology.

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