The DJI Phantom 4 Pro remains one of the highest-selling drones of all times from the company. The advanced technology allows for excellent handling and with better quality camera setting for HD pictures and videos.

It is important to ensure that all systems are working before launching your drone. Take a look at this easy checklist for ensuring that your Phantom 4 Pro flying experience will be memorable:

1. Before leaving home

  • Ensure the Micro SD card is formatted, empty and already inserted into the Phantom 4 Pro
  • Check battery charge of remote control, viewing device and the camera
  • Check propeller condition
  • Check for updated firmware
  • Ensure that the location is not a no-fly zone
  • Ensure weather is not extremely unfriendly

2. Once you reach the launch location

  • Ensure there are no nearby radio towers, electric cables, etc that will interfere with drone handling
  • Ensure you are aware of all obstacles at the location
  • Check for other risks, such as animals or children around you
  • Ensure weather is suitable for drone flying

3. To get the Phantom 4 Pro ready for the flight

  • Ensure that the gimbal guard and lens cover are removed and stored safely
  • Ensure that the required lens filter is cleaned and fitted
  • Attach the propellers to the drone and check their condition and functioning
  • Insert sufficiently charged battery

4. To check the remote control

  • Mount phone/tablet and connect it to remote control
  • Attach and adjust sunshade properly
  • Ensure the antennas and range extender are attached and working properly
  • Check ‘flight mode’ switch position
  • Insert fully charged battery
  • Switch on remote controller
  • Switch on phone/tablet
  • Set desired brightness level on phone/tablet
  • Switch on ‘Flight Mode’
  • Switch on GPS on phone/tablet
  • Start DJI app in phone/tablet
  • Check camera settings

5. On the DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone

  • Ensure that drone is set on solid and horizontal ground and pointed away from you towards the wind
  • Ensure gimbal has smooth moving space
  • Ensure propellers are attached properly
  • Switch on Phantom 4 Pro
  • Check battery charge
  • Set status of calibration
  • Check the drone’s LED lights are working perfectly

6. Before take-off

  • Ensure maximum flying altitude is set in DJI GO app for the current location
  • Check if Return-TO-Home altitude is set properly
  • Check gimbal level
  • Ensure launch site is clear for take-off
  • Start motors
  • Take off smoothly and hover for a while to check stability of the drone
  • Check all flight controls by moving joy sticks gently to check the drone’s response
  • Start recording video

This step-by-step checklist will help you to ensure that you have the best drone flying experience with your DJI Phantom 4 Pro.

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