Drone photography is a hobby for some while professionals use it to get amazing photographs or videos which are not possible with conventional photography. Drones allow an unprecedented freedom to photography experts and amateur enthusiasts alike for capturing the perfect picture.

Photography is an art and it revolves around using the camera, its lens and various accessories to get the perfect image without the need for editing software. Today, there are several leading companies that design and provide a large range of different accessories. Although some of these accessories are considered to be necessary for capturing the desired quality of pictures using drone cameras and action camera, other accessories are also required for ensuring the best drone flying and outdoor photography experience for the user.

Let us take a look at some of the accessories that are useful for you, as a professional drone photographer or as an amateur drone flying enthusiast:

Tray systems

These are one of the best ways to convert your drone camera into a conventional handheld camera. The Tray System includes a tray device which has a Phone Mount and a Drone Harness. The cell phone is mounted on top and provides an efficient way to frame the image before capturing it. It is also an effective way to use your drone camera when the area is a no-fly space or in difficult to navigate surroundings.

Drone Propeller Guards

Drones are designed to fly in a versatile manner. Their use in multiple types of surroundings requires extensive and advanced navigation and obstruction-avoidance systems. Without the propellers’ efficient function a drone is as good as a conventional handheld camera. This is when propeller guards are useful. They ensure that the vital propellers of the drone are protected in case it crashes or brushes against a vertical obstruction or a ceiling and tree branches.

Although companies will tell you that these are necessary for you, then beware that it is simply a marketing ploy. The fact of the matter is that the more accessories you load your Mavic or any other drone, the more is the risk of the gimbal getting overheated. Hence, it is advisable to use less number of accessories whenever possible. In case you have to use multiple accessories ensure that these are light in weight for the best and safest drone flying experience.

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