Drone flying has become one of the largest trending hobbies in the US and the UK as well. There are thousands of drone enthusiasts in both countries. Among these are professional photographers and drone racers as well as amateur drone flyers and first-timers. However, it is important to abide by the rules and regulations set by your country’s aviation regulatory authority or the government.

Let us take a look at the drone laws in the two major consumer markets of commercial drones.

US Drone Laws

The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) made a major change in UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System) rules last year in August. Titled, the New Small UAS Rule (107), it is aimed at regulating the use of commercial airspace by UAS/UAV users. This rule covers all pilots and dictates operating rules for drones that weigh less than 55 lbs, which are used for non-hobbyist purposes.

It is compulsory to get any drone weighing between 0.55 lbs and 55 lbs to be registered with the FAA. The main aim of this new addition to the law was to ensure optimum safety of people, other aircraft and property from damage. The new rules state that the pilot should always keep the drone within their sight, fly only during daytime and also set the restrictions of the areas, height and speed that the drones can be used in.

An age of over 16 years and a RePL is a must have for a drone pilot in the US.

UK Drone Laws

UK laws dictate that a person who wishes to fly a drone must obtain a license from the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority). There are several types of laws that govern the use of commercial drone in the UK, mainly the aviation laws are the major governing regulations. The main aviation law – Article 166 Article 167 of Air Navigation Order cover use of drones weighing 20 kg or less. They provide the safety standards to be maintained while operating a drone.

In the UK it is prohibited to fly a drone with camera within 150 m of congested areas, or within 50 m of a person, vehicle, vessel or a structure.

All major countries with well-developed drone flying laws require the operator of the drone to have a license from the proper authority.

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