DJI is the undisputed leader in providing advanced drone and aerial photography technology worldwide. Its latest small drone – DJI Spark – is making waves in the fans and media due to its incomparably easy-to-control flight features. This mini camera drone is also popular as the best selfie drone.

It lifts off of the palm of your hand and helps you to capture memorable moments easily. The DJI Spark is the first gesture-controlled drone by the world leading drone brand. This innovative technology allows your unprecedented freedom in flying your drone. This is the best way for first-time drone flyers as they won’t need time to get familiarized as with conventional remote controllers.

Gesture mode in DJI Spark

When you launch the DJI Spark drone from your palm the PalmControl technology automatically enters it into the ‘Gesture Mode’. Using just your hands, you can command the drone to fly away from you, click a selfie and make it land safely back in your hands.

Lightweight and portable

The DJI Spark is designed to be perfectly portable. It acts as a lifestyle accessory that can be easily carried almost anywhere. It weighs only about 300 grams. It can be launched within seconds and is also controlled using a remote controller and mobile device apart from hand gestures.


DJI Spark is available in Sky Blue, Alpine White, Lava Red, Meadow Green and Sunrise Yellow.


The DJI Spark has four exciting QuickShots options for taking selfie shots, namely:

  • Rocket – Flies straight up from your hand with the camera focused down.
  • Dronie – Flies upwards and away from its launch point.
  • Circle – Keeps rotating around the focus.
  • Helix – Flies in an upward spiraling manner.

The DJI Spark actually captures a 10 second video in flight and makes it ready to be shared instantly on social media websites and apps.

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