DJI Spark the smallest drone from maker of world largest selling Drone company has hit the market with that many users are looking for different accessories to make your drone flying experience easy, Here is the list of essential DJI Spark accessories.

DJI Spark Propeller Guard, Black

The DJI Spark propeller guard helps to guard the propellers. It helps to flight safety, protects objects and peoples from propellers to spin. It is small, lightweight, easy to mount and detach it is definitely the must have accessory as most of the people will be landing their spark on their palm as showing or flying indoor.

Remote joystick protection

During transport in the tight bag quarters, transport clip helps in preventing movement of joysticks. While in transport you don’t have to worry about R/C sticks crushing. With transport clip you can place the remote controller back in your pack and then you don’t have to worry about the joysticks.

DJI Spark Filter 4-Pack – Standard Day

As you will be flying yoru mavic in different light conditions , Freewell the manufacture of filter is offering double sided multicoated optical glass filters for cinematography experience. It is lightweight for zero-effect on the gimbal. This set offer standard day 4-pack solution -ND4, ND8, ND16, and PL.
Freewell is backing with Life time warranty.

DJI Spark Filter 6-Pack – All Day

Freewell is also offering a 6pack for Spark with multicoated optical glass filter which includes ND8, ND16, ND32, polarized filter, ND8/PL and ND16/PL filter. You will get a lifetime warranty

DJI Spark Propeller Guard Finger Protector

When you land your spark in hand it compacts protection. Without any tools, it can quickly installed. Its weight is just 5 grams and doesn’t impact flight timing.

DJI Spark Rugged Carry Case

It protects your DJI Spark on the go. It is having accurate molded holes with hard shell design. To protect your camera and accessories from shocking and scratches it is having a layer foam and soft lining which you find inside the case. It is easy to carry and in anywhere you can enjoy your flying.

Quick Release 4730F Propellers

It is specially designed for the DJI Spark. It is easy to setup with a push-type design which allows you to mount and detach quickly. It is light in weight and foldable and it’s easy to carry. It is having large propeller storage capacity which can store up to 4 pairs of propellers. Propeller storage box unique design helps to protect the propeller from crashing during transporting.

Mobile Phone Hand Grip

It is perfectly fit in the phone and tablet for DJI Spark Go App, it is very comfortable to use with your phone to fly your new DJI spark. The mobile mini joystick combines handling manipulations, you can only need to press the pressure on Ipad screen, It helps players to abandon the analog joystick, providing good gaming experience and it can deal with different complex motions

DJI Spark Intelligent Battery, Black

Although you get 1 battery while purchasing your spark or 2 when buying combo but it is also good to have few extra not to interpret your flying DJI Spark intelligent battery offers the capacity of 1480 mAh and 11.4 voltage which provides 16 minutes of flight time.

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