The DJI Mavic Pro is one of the largest-selling and most favored commercial drones in the world. Made by the globally popular Chinese drone-makers, the Mavic Pro features some of the most advanced drone and camera technology.

Here are a few helpful tips and tricks that will make flying your DJI Mavic Pro drone an amazing and memorable experience every time.

1. Mavic Secret Zoom Function

You are about to click a beautiful picture with your Mavic Pro, but you think you can get an even clearer picture if you could zoom just a little bit more.

You can do this easily. Simply use the small button given at the left side of the RC Right-Joystick. By pressing this button you can easily get 2X zoom and focus on the subject from a distance. To ensure highest picture quality, ensure that you shoot in 4K mode and later you can crop the picture as you wish.

2. Mavic Pro Focus Function

How about getting focus on a particular object when you are flying? Simply tap on your smartphone screen (finger on the object to be focused on). This helps to focus on your subject to get crystal-clear picture.

3. Mavic Tripod Mode

This is one of the lesser known and least-used features that come with the Mavic Pro. Using the Tripod Mode function, you can set your drone to act just like a photography tripod.

When you switch this function on, the drone can be instructed to hover at a particular altitude constantly. This is a great help when you wish to shoot indoors, or even when capturing time-lapse images/videos outdoors. The stability and clarity of the camera is simply impressive in this.

So next time you take out your Mavic Pro for a spin in the sky make sure to try these simple tips and tricks. You will be amazed at the results you get, with clear and high-quality videos and pictures in almost all types of situations.

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