The DJI Mavic series of drones has become one of the top choices for professional commercial filmmakers. It is a great innovative instrument in the field of aerial photography. The sturdy, yet light construction makes it a great eye in the sky.

Here are a few tips to help you get even better pictures and footage using your DJI Mavic series drone:

1. Getting a wider field of vision

Although the DJI Mavic seems to have a narrower field of vision, as compared to the Phantom series drones you can easily capture cinematic shots despite this.

Start the shot with the drone camera real close to the foreground. As you move the drone further back the objects seem to float into view. Fitting the Mavic camera with Freewell PL (Polarized) filter helps to cut unwanted light from reflective surfaces and gives crystal-clear footage when filming in bright sunlight.

Another way to get awesome zooming shots is to turn off the drone’s obstacle avoidance sensors off and fly the drone through small holes in the area, such as between branches, etc. Flying straight forward or moving the drone backwards slowly, helps to capture amazing footage with the objects being slowly revealed to capture the viewer’s attention.

2. Smooth flying for smoother footage

Changing direction of the drone, yaw or swiveling the camera while trying to take panoramic footage distorts the viewer’s perspective and diminishes the quality of the footage.

Make sure that when you are moving the drone for a cinematic shot (forward or backward) your drone’s prospective path is clear of obstacles. To get sharper footage while the drone is in motion fit the Mavic camera lens with the Freewell ND (Neutral Density) filters.

3. Panning effectively

If you are taking a panoramic shot ensure that the panning motion of the drone is very slow. Panning slowly is best when you wish to follow an object which is moving, such as a car, or a ship. Expert drone filmmakers tend to use Freewell ND (Neutral Density) filters according to the lighting conditions outside. These help to get clear and amazing footage in all stages of sunlight.

Taking super slow panoramic shots helps to get clearer footage which is excellent for capturing the viewer’s attention. Fit your Mavic camera with the innovative Freewell UV filter and ensure sharper and clearer image without the unwanted hazy effect usually seen while filming in bright sunny conditions. This super slow panoramic technique even makes lens flare look like a pretty cinematic effect.

4. Tracking

Tracking an object can provide amazing footage if you switch on the Active Tracker on your Mavic.

Expert drone filmmakers tend to learn how to use the yaw and dolly to rotate the drone around the object in focus. Keep the object in the exact center of your viewing screen and slowly move the yaw and dolly alternately to get a smooth and clear tracking footage. This might seem hard in the beginning, but you can learn to master this technique with enough practice.

This technique keeps the main object stationary, and in focus all the time, while the objects in the foreground and background tend to shift around it with the drone’s movement.

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