Drone flying is becoming one of the most trending activities all around the world. However, it is important to remember that a drone is not a toy but an item of high-tech machinery which can get damaged with a crash and can cause harm to people, animals and surroundings if not controlled with expertise.

Considering the novelty and the variety of uses that a drone can provide, some of the countries have outright banned the use of commercial drones, whilst others have strict regulations guiding the sale, purchase, licensing and use of commercial drones.

There are a significant number of countries all over the globe which have specific regulations for commercial use of UAV devices.

Let’s take a look at some of the countries which have specific rules banning use of commercial drones:

Countries with No-Drone laws:

  • Bangladesh – It has banned use of drones that were bought before 2014.
  • India – The country does not allow commercial or private use of drones however changes to these strict rules are in the pipeline.
  • Japan – Japan had lax drone laws till 2014, however today the laws have become more restricted, as it is prohibited to fly drones in public parks.
  • Kenya – While not banned outright it becomes almost impossible for an average person to fly a drone in Kenya where it is required to take permission from the defense ministry, which includes a $1,000 fee and huge amounts of paperwork.
  • UAE – It is prohibited to fly commercial drones with cameras and there are strict drone flying regulations in the country.

Other developed countries, such as the UK, US and other European countries have more relaxed laws governing the use of drains under specific criteria of weight and size. Always gain every bit of information before taking your drone for a spin in a new country.

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