In these times of dynamic technological progress the visual media is experiencing some of the fastest advances in refining techniques. A perfect footage is not achieved with only good photography skills it is even more enhanced in quality and essence with the use of ideal video editing software.

To ensure that you get the desired effects and optimum quality to your video footage, take a look at the top and best video editing software of 2017.

1. AVS Video Editor 7.5

The AVS Video Editor 7.5 version is easy-to-use consumer-based video editing software. It lets you transform your raw footage into high quality finished videos efficiently.

  • Pros – The multiple instructional videos help to learn the use of this software easy.
  • Cons – The video output is noticed to be of a rather lower quality than expected.

2. Adobe Premiere Pro CC

The Adobe Premiere Pro CC is the latest video editing software from the software giant. It continues to maintain a lead amongst video editing software with its unmatched non-linear editing interface, plethora of tools and diverse capabilities.

  • Pros – High responsive speed coupled with rich variety of editing tools ensures comprehensive video editing and satisfactory results.
  • Cons – Some techniques may require additional software, such as Aftereffects, etc.

3. Final Cut Pro X

The latest offering from Apple, the tech-giant, the Final Cut Pro X is a continuation of the innovative style of the brand. It has a sharply contrasting editing interface which is a relief from the drab interfaces usually found in other editing software.

  • Pros – Good organizational tools – rating, libraries, scenes, auto analysis for faces and scenes along with a magnetic and trackless timeline.
  • Cons – Cannot import videos from earlier versions of Final Cut.

4. Sony Vegas Movie Studio 14 Platinum

The Sony Vegas Movie Studio 14 Platinum is again one of the top video editing software in the market this year. Although it might lack highly advanced features seen in several other software in this list, it still meets more than the basic requirements of any commercial video editor.

  • Pros – Can stack up to 200 editing tracks simultaneously for complex and high-end video editing.
  • Cons – Does not contain advanced features, such as 360-degree editing and motion-tracking.

5. Lightworks 14

The Lightworks 14 is one of the leading and lasting video editing software in the list. Although the lack of brand awareness may not see higher volume user base for this software, its efficiency-enhancing features are essential for a professionally-edited video.

  • Pros – Offers some of the most advanced features in video editing that most other branded software lack.
  • Cons – May have a high learning curve for some users.

6. Sony Vegas Pro

Sony Vegas Pro is one of the most prominent video editing software around the world. it has a highly intuitive User Interface (UI) and gives excellent video editing effects.

  • Pros – High-quality built-in effects are perfect for commercial and professional video editing.
  • Cons – Higher cost prohibits may prohibit more users from using it.

7. Cinelerra

Cinelerra is one of the most popular video editing software for Linux users. It is considered to be the editing software from an artist, and for artists. Its high-end editing features capture millions of Linux users all over the world.

  • Pros – Professional-focused UI design and unlimited layers for audio editing.
  • Cons – Restricted to Linux users only and may lack certain essential features.

8. Pinnacle Studio 20 Plus

The Pinnacle Studio 20 Plus remains an ideal choice for professional and amateur video editors. It’s easy UI and varied features make it one of the most convenient video editing software in the market till date.

  • Pros – It combines timeline and storyboard workflow for optimum user ease, making it ideal for amateur and experienced video editors alike.
  • Cons – An upgrade to the Ultimate version is required to use the more advanced features, such as 360-degree editing tools and 4K support.

9. Corel Video Studio Pro X10

The Corel Video Studio Pro X10 is best-suited for a video editor in the learning curve. It is best-suited for beginners using Mac OS who wish to learn efficient and excellent video editing.

  • Pros – Has all essential and several advanced editing tools that are required for a good quality video editing process.
  • Cons – Contains only one main video editing track.

10. iMovie

The latest iMovie is the entry-level video editing software from Apple. This is best-suited for amateur video editors who wish to learn the finer nuances of effective and high quality video editing.

  • Pros – Easy-to-use storyboard workflow and advanced editing features.
  • Cons – Its comparatively expensive price may prohibit many Mac users from using it.

11. Pitivi

Pitivi is non-linear video editing software which free as it is an open source material. It contains all the basic functions, such as snapping, splitting, trimming, and cutting clips.

  • Pros – Open source software allowing high-quality basic video editing functions.
  • Cons – Lacks certain advanced features that professional video editors may seek in any video editing software.

12. CyberLink Power Director 15 Ultra

The CyberLink PowerDirector 15 Ultra is a comprehensively-featured video editor with surprising features for any entry-level basic video editing software.

  • Pros – Helpful for amateurs to learn basic video editing skills efficiently.
  • Cons – No version available for Mac OS users.

13. Kdenlive

One of the most popular video editing software for Linux and Mc, the Kdenlive is now available for Windows users as well. A multi-track timeline and variety of transitions and effects help to make professional high-quality finished videos.

  • Pros – No installation required and provides a vast array of features for effective video editing.
  • Cons – Required FFmpeg to import and export media.

14. ivs Edits LE

The ivs Edits LE is an efficient video editor for Windows users. It provides a professional quality video editing function which is comparable to other top video editors on this list.

  • Pros – Easy-to-use and intuitive UI for efficient and faster video editing.
  • Cons – It can be used for free only on Windows OS and the free version has severely limited features.

15. Windows Movie Maker

The Windows Movie Maker is an essential part of this list as it remains one of the most popular video editing software in the market. It is ultimately easy to use by newbies and also offers efficient functions for professional users.

  • Pros – Auto-preview of effects and can integrate VO (voice over) and audio tracks efficiently.
  • Cons – No saturation or contrast settings.

These are the leading, most efficient and simple the best video editing software of 2017, according to our tech-experts.

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