1. Use Active Track

DJI phantom 4 has the built in cinematic features and you must use the active track. Here we tell you why. Using active track the drone with the camera will actively track you and auto follow you. You can still use the right stick to get visual of closer look or farther look and left stick to descend or ascend in height.

2. Get your video settings dialed in right

It is better to use flat color profile so you adjust contrast and saturation later and it is good if you shoot at possible higher resolution in DJI Phantom 4.

3. Flip the switch and race your drone in Sport mode

In sport mode flip the switch and start to race your drone at 50- 55 miles per hour and you will get an excellent shots but in the case of recording video it is better to be in slow motion at 60 – 120 fps. When you slow down the camera it still looks like it’s moving through the air.

4. Balanced Sport-mode for slow motion shots.

It is better to move slow and steady during video recording. As when you fly and and race your drone in sport mode then video footage which you got looks terrible.

5. Practice

Practice makes a man perfect. It is true. You have to practice more and more to have expertise in photography with drone and it takes a lot of practice to have confident in flying your drone.

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