If you have bought a first drone then these article is must for you. Many people use it for photography but they doesn’t know the things which should not be done with drone. So here are the 10 things which you should never do with drone.


1. Don’t fly on closed places

You have to make sure that the space is wide enough to fly if you don’t want your drone to collide with other things results in clashes. If a drone goes on autopilot mode or its not balanced or it has some malfunction issue your favorite drone can hit anything around it or might be crashed.

2. No Fly Zones or Banned Locations

There are places known as No fly zones like Airport, where you shouldn’t fly your drone within the 5 kilometers radius its illegal. You will be in trouble.

3. Don’t fly with less battery

Make sure battery is charged before you fly your drone and also drone can fly for up to 30 minute, never fly drone for a longer time.

4. Don’t fly during bad weather

You may like to capture images of stormy nights, high winds or rain etc. but it will be bad for your drone as it may affected. It is always a risk if you fly your drone in bad conditions.

5. Don’t fly without inspection

Inspect your drone before you fly drone. Drone should function properly as in case of improper functioning or if it goes to auto-pilot mode then it impossible for you to handle and it may crashes.

Drones: Safety Risk Management for the Next Evolution of Flight

6. Don’t fly drone without reading app manual

There are great apps by which you can fly your drone. You should read the app manual carefully before you start to fly your drone for proper handling.

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7. Make sure latest firmware installed

It is always good to installed latest firmware in your drone with latest updates as it can fixes the issues of drone while it operates in the field otherwise it may avoided. And also it is best to stay update with DJI as it updates the law time to time with list of No fly zones.

8. Don’t fly in Airport airspace

Airport airspace is restricted for drones. It is illegal to fly your drone in airspace around airport and it can only create trouble for you.

9. Avoid crowded places

If you are a beginner then you should follow this rule.
If you are going to capture crowded image. The drone can be crashed anytime if you will lost the control over it. You should be careful about don’t try to fly it in crowded places. It can hit anyone that would be cause several injuries


10. Don’t fly away from eyesight.

It is better to maintain your drone visible to your eyes when flying because it will help you to handle your drone properly and will avoid crashing like incidents when drones fly out of your sight. And it is also according to FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) guidelines.

Lastly, Drones are the great things which is used for various purposes but it should be used carefully and according to laws and guidelines.

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